A secret between a man and a woman from the time of a catastrophe shadows a young relationship in our time of a secret war. (Excerpted in the Brooklyn Rail.)

June 7th 2011,

Asia Society Presents a reading of Modest Productions

by Rehan Ansari

A Reflection On The 10th Anniversary of 9/11

The calamity. How will you know it?
That day when men will be scattered like moth.
And mountains will fly like wool.
Only he will thrive thereafter who is burdened by good deeds.

Al-Quran, Sura Al Qariah (The Calamity, 101:1-11)

Modest Productions
Performed by
Sa’ad Shah, Hirsh Sawney, Bina Sharif, Dania Rajendra & Saniya AnsariJune 7th, 2011; 7:00-9:00pm
Asia Society
725 Park Ave.
New York, NY


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