Got orange?

Yesterday, I presented my orange sensory and symbolism workshop for the writers at the Suffolk County Community College Literary Festival. My students came up with amazing stuff — and some new analysis of the primary text, Gary Soto’s Oranges — and bright and sometimes hilarious ideas for their own orange-inspired work. I invited them to send in their resulting pieces, I hope they do.

I was also super pleased that the teacher in the room liked it enough to borrow it for his own class. You’re welcome to use it, too. Just drop me and email and I’ll send you the handouts and the outline.

Do you have a poem, story, essay, scene that you admire that includes oranges? Please put it in the comments.

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One thought on “Got orange?

  1. I read “Oranges” every year with my students…they’re only 12, but I’d love to see your lesson!

    Right now we are reading Tangerine by Edward Bloor, which features a fair amount of citrus. 🙂

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