Oulipost #11

The catch up is a cheat, as is using an article dated yesterday on the web but in today’s paper. My excuse? The paper wasn’t delivered yesterday (or was stolen). Also, it was Shabbos (still is, nonetheless). here is a univocal poem. All the words must be sourced from the paper; I tried to keep it to just one article. The words in hard brackets were imported from other stories. I chose the “o” from the best word in the headline. It’s not univocal but, in keeping with this afternoon’s secondary theme, I cheated. (But just for the title.)




Do old loves block

Growth? Odd [how]

most [don’t] long.

Or work to show

Only now. Not So. Not

How to love lost,

love lots, love most, love

worlds. Or, who knows? 


Johnson, Kirk, “Bookstores in Seattle Soar, and Embrace an Old Nemesis: Amazon.com,” NY Times, 11 April 2014. 


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