Oulipost #9: Headlines

The prompt: Compose a poem whose body is sourced from the headlines in your newspaper. 


I used most of the headlines in the front section of today’s Times. Paper edition. Plus an ad for Land’s End. 


A Deal with the Devil, Or, Poachers Attack Beloved Elders


Beloved Elders, Panicked

Pension Woes Are Stolen Scare

Tactics. The Older

Deplore Capital’s Tearful Drama.


No Work, No Base,

No Advocate, No Share,

No Limit Risks, No Ease.


Details Settle: Banks Get Big Share

(Thieves.) Rounding Up the Charges,

No Review. The bigger Project,

Better Bomb. Baby, Cancel California, Illinois, North Carolina.

Say, A varied life, failed. Made to Work. More. Better.


the headlines:

Banks Ordered To Add Capital To Limit Risks

Tearful Drama as Pistorius Says He Panicked

Sliver of Medicare Doctors Get Big Share of Payouts

Two More Sets of Signals Detected, Australian Officials Say

A Deal with the Devil

Rounding Up Suspects, Pakistan Charges a Baby

Parti Quebecois Failed to Renew Mandate, Analysts Say

Bomb on Train In Pakistan is Fatal to 14

Cuba Social Media Project Was No Plot, Agency Says

Among Ukraine’s Jews, the Bigger Worry Is Putin, Not Progroms

Lands End Made to Work

Poachers Attack Beloved Elders of California, Its Redwoods

Brandeis Cancels Plan to Give Honorary Degree to Rights Advocate, a Critic of Islam

Marine Shoots Fellow Guard at North Carolina Base

California: No Charge for Ocean Rescue

Illinoi Moves to Ease Chicago Pension Woes

What Would Lyndon Johnson Do?

Speaking at Rights Event, Carter Deplores Disparity

Democrats Use Pay Issue In Bid for Women’s Vote

Notes Found in Review of Police Work Could Exonerate 2 Convicted in Killing

For Car Thieves, the Older and Heavier the Ride, the Better

DeBlasio Picks Immigrants To Lead Two City Agencies

Details of Sharpton’s FBI Work Show a Varied Life

City Settles Lawsuit by Detective Called a ‘Rat’

Closing Ports to Stolen Fish

Global Warming Scare Tactics


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