Oulipost #8: Beautiful Inlaw

The prompt: Make a poem out of only the letters of a name in your article. Much like other high-stakes endeavors, it’s all about picking the right person.

Johnson, Luke, “Elizabeth Warren Picks a Fight with Paul Ryan,” The Huffington Post 7 April 2014.

Blitz the hater, Liz.

He, wealthier, lazier.

Bait, then blaze and rail and warn.

Beneath the bleat, the blather

Wither are we? The

Nadir or the zenith?

Or neither? We tire,

We want heart, want brawn.

Want renewal, relit. With Liz

We’ll win. He’ll relent. Wanna bet?


One thought on “Oulipost #8: Beautiful Inlaw

  1. Not only do I like your poetry, but I think I might like your politics (if those aren’t your politics, you make a compelling case anyway 🙂 ) Blitz the hater, indeed! I, too, didn’t stick with words found in the newspaper articles – way too dull.

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