Oulipost #7: two n+7s

Well, sometimes we leapfrog. Happy to be back. The prompt is, n+7: replace every noun in your passage with the seventh after it in the dictionary. On offer was a handy generator, and I happily took full advantage of its modern power. 



Isherwood, Charles, “Plugging Away at Living, Come What May,” New York Times, 7 April 2014. 

the original is a pull quote from the paper edition:

The quirky conversation flows,

As the specter of death awaits.


Quirky, that convertor

some speedometer of

debit deepening.  



Rosenberg, Matthew and Jawad Sukhanyar, “Early Tallies Indicating Afghan Vote A Success,” New York TImes, 7 April 2014. 

High turnout would represent a sharp public repudiation of the Taliban, which had pledged to disrupt the election and had warned Afghans to stay away from the polls.


High turret,

Sharp public

[Null result again]

What disrupts



[from small]

Pops, Stay. Please, stay.



One thought on “Oulipost #7: two n+7s

  1. I like both of these. The first one is fun, playful. The second is powerful, read from the perspective of war. “What disrupts elections.” Wow.

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