Inspired by my grad school friend poet Nancy Long, I’ve signed up to craft found poems from the headlines every day in April, National Poetry Month. To get started, we answer some interview questions. 

What excites you about Oulipost?

The headline focus. Writing good, evocative headlines to fit is good training for a poet. Plus I like the outward outlook drawing on headlines will promote. Thus far in my extremely short time writing poems, the poems have been drawn from my own experience — much like most of my literary nonfiction. I’m excited about the poetry of hard politics, hard news — and this wacky weather that April is sure to keep bringing. I live in a great newspaper town, complete with competing tabloids which will offer so much poetry possibility.

Plus — poems every day! That’s way better for a person than vitamins. 

What (if anything) scares you about Oulipost?

Poems! Every day. Also, I haven’t really published anything here before — self publishing sorta scares me. 

Have you written experimental or found poetry before?

Nope. Can’t get worse! 

What newspaper will serve as your source text? 

I’m a daily devotee of the Grey Lady, but I’m definitely not monogamous. I plan to draw on the Daily News and sometimes the New York Post (especially the Sports sections). I also travel a lot and April is no exception so I’ll sample the local offerings and see what makes its way in.

Who is your spirit Oulipian?

Nancy Long got me into this so I gotta pick her! Plus I already know that I love her work and, especially, her amazing spirit.  I’m reassured to see some familiar names and looking forward to e-meeting lots of people. Feels like only the second time I’m introducing myself as a poet. (The first time required quite a lot of Scotch.)  



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