Happy (or whatever) Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it brings you some sugar, however you like it best. I like it best raw, and I do adore a boozy application. Inspired by my travels (I’m in India), my upcoming reading, and my post today about my true story on the blog for the charity anthology Oil and Water…And Other Things That Don’t Mix, here’s a recipe, of sorts:

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Go to an Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani store. Buy a good chunk of jaggery and those pretty, candy-coated fennel seeds. Gouge off a 1/4” or so chunk of jaggery for each portion. (Optional: drip a drop or two of Angostura bitters, or orange flower water, on the sugar. Or top with citrus zest. You want a little bitter, it is Valentine’s Day after all.) Place one chunk at the bottom of each flute, jelly jar, flower vase, dixie cup or whatever it is you drink your bubbly from. Drop in a couple of candy-coated fennel seeds, for color, for fun. Top with whatever bubbly you’ve got in the fridge – I’m partial to ten-dollar Prosecco or Cava. Or, if you’re not drinking alcohol, you can use sparkling apple cider but it will be sweeter, so up the bitters or zest. Clink glasses with a good friend. (Optional: Make eye contact and a toast!)

Note: pairs well with sugar cookies (either these with cardamom or these made with oil). What can I say? I do love a theme.


This post made possible by Martha (inspiration) and Cole (consult on bubbly). Cheers!


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