Oil and Water… is out!

Oil and Water…And Other Things That Don’t Mix, an anthology of conflict, includes my essay “Loving Lola” and it’s out today! Proceeds from the book benefit the Bay Area Food Bank and Mobile Bay Keeper. (Buy the book here or, better yet, request it at your local bookstore.)

I’m thrilled that my piece is in the good company of work by Angela Elson, Kelly Martineau and sister She Writers.

Here’s a sample from my essay.

Lola is a beautiful dog, chocolate brown with white on her paws, and down her nose. She’s a dog-shaped vanilla ice cream sundae drenched in milk chocolate syrup. She’s got a pit bull face and maybe a little whippet in her, because she never filled out like a lab. From the beginning, she was all over the place, always wanting to play, always needing more attention but so, so eager to please. All sugar.

I had never owned a puppy before, and she had all the hyper, out-of-control, normal puppy character which drove me over the edge. I cried when we walked her; I cried when she bit me; I cried when she wiggled through the fence. Clarke bought a choke chain and tried to teach me to yank on it to deliver corrections. I cried then, too. Even though she didn’t seem hurt when I jerked, I felt awful. He told me I needed to master a “stern voice” to communicate that I meant business. I tried, but it didn’t come naturally. I cried some more.


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